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Sometimes life has an uncanny way of combining the right ingredients. What started out as a group of teenage vocalists, enjoying an after-school program, has turned into what may be the world’s next female pop explosion. Hailing from New York, Haylee (18 years old), along with Brooke and Nora (Both 17 years old) attended the after school program, all sharing the same passion for music and harmony. After a short time of recording cover records, the girls began to notice that there was something uniquely special about their brand of harmony. Wanting to explore that more, Nora quickly recruited schoolmate and fellow vocalist Kaylin (17 years old) to round out the quartet. It was at this point that the girls urged the program to film viral videos to some of the recorded covers. This quickly developed into an overwhelming online following. It was that attention that attracted management partners Shawn Stockman (of the Legendary r&b group Boyz II Men) and Brian Miller.

The managers immediately recognized the similarities and amazing work ethic, in the girls, that helped propel Boyz II Men to stardom. Wasting no time signing them, and understanding their need to train and prepare for the journey ahead, they immediately shuffled them to the music and artist development mecca of Atlanta, GA. There, the girls recorded with some of today’s hottest writers and producers and worked with legendary choreographer Jamaica Craft. Anxious to share their gift with the world, DAME is ready to take the summer of 2016 by storm!

Many people want to know why the girls chose to call themselves DAME. Adopting the name from the definition: A woman who has been given a title of honor for something she has done.

DAME understands that every opportunity is a privilege and are ready and excited to show the world what they can do!


Haylee a/k/a “Goldie” provides the group’s bubbly spirit. Acting as “big sister” she is ALWAYS in a great mood. Haylee is the group’s enforcer. At age 18, she’s an alto/soprano who’s responsible for most of the group’s higher vocals. Being influenced at an early age by many genres, Haylee embodies many vocal styles.


At age 17, Brooke a/k/a “Cookie” is the baby of the group, but don’t let that term fool you. Brooke has one of the silkiest tones found in music today. She also shares the group’s God-given knack for harmonizing and can be heard rounding out many of Dame’s most intricate harmonies.


There’s only one word that can be used to describe this young lady: firecracker, firecracker, FIRECRACKER! At age 17, Kaylin a/k/a “K.K.” has an over-the-top spirit that is as powerful as her voice. She brings the “boom” to the DAME, and is instrumental in bringing a lot of the group’s records home.


Nora a/k/a “No-No” brings the sass to Dame! She’s the group’s resident rebel and fashionista. At age 17, she’s an alto/tenor and provides the foundation for most of the group’s harmonies.

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